Laboratory Group Advisor Location Telephone Research Area
Analog and mixed signal integrated circuit laboratory IC Design Group Jia-Chuan Lin Humanities Building, Room: 12F01-2 (02) 86741111 Extension: 66483 Automotive Electronic Integrated System Applications, Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodes Integrated Green Energy System Applications, Integrated Circuit Design and Manufacturing, Linear Algebra and Systems, Nano-Micro-Electromechanical Systems Technology
Nano Integrated Circuit and System Laboratory IC Design Group Hong-Yi Huang Humanities Building, Room: 12F01-2 (02) 86741111 Extension: 66643 Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit, Power Management Circuits, Bio-medical Circuits and Systems
IC Design Group
Intelligent Control Systems and Digital Image Processing Laboratory IC Design Group Ying-Jen Cheng Humanities Building, Room: 5F23 (02) 86741111 Extension: 66600 Intelligent Control, Control Theory, Fuzzy Systems, Machine Vision, Pattern Recognition, Neural Network, Air-conditioning Control
Electronic Design Automation Laboratory Computer Engineering Group Gene Eu (Ching Yuh) Jan Humanities Building, Room: 11F06 (02) 86741111 Extension: 66473 VLSI, Parallel Processing, Computer Design Automation
FlexRay Drive-by-Wire System Laboratory Computer Engineering Group Yung-Yuan Derek Chen Humanities Building, Room: 11F06 (02) 86741111 Extension: 66503 Fault Tolerance System Design and Analysis, System Chip Design and Robustness Analysis, Driver-by-Wire Control System Design and Verification, Reliability Engineering
Media Laboratory Computer Engineering Group Shu-Nung Yao Humanities Building, Room: 4F17 (02) 86741111 Extension: 66981 Sound Engineering, Recording Techniques, Mixing Effects, Music Technology, Audio Signal Processing
Intelligent Modeling & Control Laboratory Intelligent Systems Group Chan-Yun Yang Humanities Building, Room: 2F16 (02) 86741111 Extension: 66438 Intelligent Methods and System Modeling, Inference, and Control; System and Cybernetic Engineering Research