Chan-Yun Yang

Professor of EE department
Expertise:【Intelligent Systems Group】Machine Learning, Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Modeling and Control of Robotics, Bio-Electromechanical Systems
ROOM:Law Building 8F05
Phone:Ext: 67737
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Jia-Chuan Lin

Professor & Director and Secretary of NTPU
Expertise:【IC Design Group】Automotive Electronic Integrated System Applications, Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodes Integrated Green Energy System Applications, Integrated Circuit Design and Manufacturing, Linear Algebra and Systems, Nano-Micro-Electromechanical Systems Technology
ROOM:Law Building 8F06
Phone:Ext: 67738

Gene Eu (Ching Yuh) Jan

Expertise:【Computer Engineering Group】Computer Architecture, Parallel Processing, Switching Networks, VLSI Design
ROOM:Humanities Building 11F06-2
Phone:Ext: 66470

Yung-Yuan Derek Chen

Expertise:Computer Engineering Group/ Intelligent Systems Group】Fault Tolerance System Design and Analysis, System Chip Design and Robustness Analysis, Vehicle Communication Network System Design and Application, Vehicle Electrical Safety Design and Verification, Reliability Engineering
ROOM:Humanities Building 10F14
Phone:Ext: 66014
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Hong-Yi Huang

Associate Professor & Chairman
Expertise:【IC Design Group】Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit, Power Management Circuits, Bio-medical Circuits and Systems
ROOM:Humanities Building 10F12
Phone:Ext: 66012
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Shu-Nung Yao

Associate Professor
Expertise:【Intelligent Systems Group】Music Technology, Sound Engineering, Recording Techniques, Audio Mixing, Smart Speakers, Audio Circuit Design, Headphone Systems, Multi-Channel Surround Sound Systems
ROOM:Elytone Building 8F21
Phone:Ext: 68818
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Kalpana Settu

Assistant Professor
Expertise:【IC Design Group】Biosensor, Biomedical Engineering, Microfabrication, Impedance Analysis, Electrochemical Techniques
ROOM:Law Building 8F21
Phone:Ext: 67740